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​Three60’s Crusade on Wall-Acne

It might not seem like a big deal at the start of your project. But as a project moves along, considerations must be made for where and how you will control your lights, control temperature, security, and other integral home systems. It is when all these devices start adding up that we refer to them as wall acne. Wall acne is the placement of a variety of often mismatching controls on a common wall space. To put in blunt, it’s un-necessary clutter and ugliness.

In today’s modern home design, open concept approaches are being taken. Clean lines and open air create a sensation of space, but limits the amount of wall space available to adjust and control systems throughout a home. Three60 will help you keep those clean lines and minimalist design concepts by leveraging the benefits of the technology available to us. We have lighting control systems that can combine the traditional 4,5 and often 6 gang switches into one elegant keypad. We also offer home automation solutions to effectively manage all your home systems, such as lighting, climate, media and audio, security, surveillance, irrigation and more. This limits the amount of proprietary controllers you’ll need just to operate each system individually.

Call us today, and get rid of wall acne for good.

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