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Three60 Electrical: Now a Certified Residential Installer for Homeworks QS

Homeworks QS is an unparalleled total home control experience by Lutron. It is the next level of excitement, a step up from RadioRA2, and is designed for exclusive homes. This system integrates the control of all your light, interior and exterior, electric light and daylight and also integrates with other manufacturers for A/V and HVAC control, as well for broader control of your home environment, all while saving energy.

Three60 delivers efficiency and effectiveness by providing a complete scope of services in their projects, so that clients can avoid hiring a separate A/V contractor to provide automation and lighting control. As a Certified Residential Installer for Lutron Homeworks QS, Three60 is at the forefront of the most sought after home control products available to the consumer market today.

Call us today for a product demonstration and let us show you how we can transform your renovation or new construction project.

We are shade certified!

Hooray! We are proud to announce that Three60 has completed Lutron's Sivoia QS wireless and Sivoia QS Shading Systems Solutions Certification (It's a mouthful!). With this, we'll be offering a huge range of wired and wireless shading solutions, incorporating roller blinds, roman shades, draperies, venetian, kirbe and many others!

By incorporating automated or controlled blinds in your project, you get the benefits of energy saving, security, convenience, and elegance.

Just another feather in the cap for Three60, as we continue to expand our complete smart home offerings.

Panelized Lighting

Today we're installing some more devices in a dimmer enclosure that we originally set up a few months ago. These new devices will control lights that are located in this home's garage.

Panelized lighting is one of the best ways to reduce wall clutter in your home. Instead of having bulky 2, 3, 4 or even more switches in a box, we can relocate them to a dimming enclosure. Once they are in the enclosure, they talk back to a keypad that takes up just a single switch box. These keypads are programmed with scenes, or a combination of lights that you like to have on together.

Press one button, and your house comes alive with the lights that you like, at just the right level.

Pretty neat!

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