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Three60 Electrical: Now a Certified Residential Installer for Homeworks QS

Homeworks QS is an unparalleled total home control experience by Lutron. It is the next level of excitement, a step up from RadioRA2, and is designed for exclusive homes. This system integrates the control of all your light, interior and exterior, electric light and daylight and also integrates with other manufacturers for A/V and HVAC control, as well for broader control of your home environment, all while saving energy.

Three60 delivers efficiency and effectiveness by providing a complete scope of services in their projects, so that clients can avoid hiring a separate A/V contractor to provide automation and lighting control. As a Certified Residential Installer for Lutron Homeworks QS, Three60 is at the forefront of the most sought after home control products available to the consumer market today.

Call us today for a product demonstration and let us show you how we can transform your renovation or new construction project.

​Three60’s Crusade on Wall-Acne

It might not seem like a big deal at the start of your project. But as a project moves along, considerations must be made for where and how you will control your lights, control temperature, security, and other integral home systems. It is when all these devices start adding up that we refer to them as wall acne. Wall acne is the placement of a variety of often mismatching controls on a common wall space. To put in blunt, it’s un-necessary clutter and ugliness.

In today’s modern home design, open concept approaches are being taken. Clean lines and open air create a sensation of space, but limits the amount of wall space available to adjust and control systems throughout a home. Three60 will help you keep those clean lines and minimalist design concepts by leveraging the benefits of the technology available to us. We have lighting control systems that can combine the traditional 4,5 and often 6 gang switches into one elegant keypad. We also offer home automation solutions to effectively manage all your home systems, such as lighting, climate, media and audio, security, surveillance, irrigation and more. This limits the amount of proprietary controllers you’ll need just to operate each system individually.

Call us today, and get rid of wall acne for good.

Patio Season is Upon Us

It’s that time of year again, get out the umbrella, dust off the chairs and sweep the deck. Yes, the patio season is upon us. This summer, bring the garden to life with one of our amazing outdoor audio systems, which range from a simple single point speaker, to a tastefully planned landscape audio system to cover even the largest of properties. Remember, the goal of these systems is not to annoy your neighbors, but instead to evenly distribute audio throughout a space to create the perfect ambiance. So whether you’re wielding the apron and tongs or manning the cooler, you’ll get just the right level of audio.
Contact us today for a demonstration.

Almost there!

Last year, Three60 undertook a unique lighting control and audio video project. The task was to install over 150 lighting control devices and a combination of audio/video zones in an 8500 square foot custom log home in beautiful Waiparous, AB.

The largest challenge was managing the square footage of the home, along with the density of materials. Because of the homes overall size and dense wood and concrete construction, careful measures had to be taken to ensure that signals sent from lighting control keypads would be heard in the far reaches of the home. Three60 strategically placed wired Rf repeaters throughout the home, and the result is 1100% overage.

Likewise, a high power Wi-Fi networking solution was installed and configured, utilizing multiple enterprise grade wireless access points to provide full coverage, even on the deck.

The end is near and we have tested all the devices, including 18 motorized shades. Everything is working great. This home is a great example of the advantage the Three60 provides in being able to provide full scale automation in both the electrical and audio/video worlds.

Full gallery to come!

Plan your cabling!

If I could write this blog post title in larger writing, I would. This is the most important part of a new build project. From the get go of any project, it is vital to adequately plan out cable infrastructure drops for the various devices and features you will be using. Wiring a single coaxial cable to a TV is no good anymore, as today's technology continues to evolve. Depending on the functionality you are looking for, that same TV drop might now need extra data cabling, coax, speakers, and maybe even fiber. Three60 will do all the work for you based on your needs, and make suggestions to get the best experience in your new space.

Another important consideration is your network infrastructure, both wired and wireless. That's right, wired networks still have a place in this wonderful wireless world. Just because something can be wireless, doesn't mean it should be (that's a story for another day). In larger homes, a single wireless router just isn't going to cut it for when multiple users start streaming. For this purpose, it is important to plan for at least one centrally located access point to ensure even, strong signal throughout a property. Closets, pantries and offices make great locations for these devices. You will need more than one for proper coverage for anything over 1800 - 2000 square feet, or depending on the materials in your home. Three60 can measure the existing RF energy in your environment and properly space out and deploy proper wireless coverage. Plan to hard wire any non- mobile devices (TV's, desktop computers, printers etc). This will free up valuable wireless airtime for other wireless devices.

Lastly, all these cables are going to form quite a bundle, but it should never be a rats nest hanging in the mechanical room. A professionally installed patch panel or equipment rack will terminate all of these cables neatly for future use, making final installation and future upgrades simple. Check out the pics from a recently completed cabling termination, using a multi-purpose patch panel.

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